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Last year, the Academic Foundation provided us with $5000 and a matching grant. The team wouldn’t know it at the time, but it would boost us through our first hectic build season.

This year, John Austin pieced together an effective presentation and a small group composed of himself, Vidhi Patel, Anthony Nepomuceno, and myself. In a basic rundown, we talked about last year, our hopes for this year’s season, and of course, finances. After all, the team truly flourished under the Academic Foundation’s donation last year along with others, and we wanted to prove that. Our team won many awards and gained valuable experience. We formed a close-knit family that met many different teams at Regionals and Championships, had fun, but competed seriously. So, after practicing many times, we went to the Academic Foundation to ask them for their sponsorship and they generously delivered again. With their sponsorship on our side this upcoming year, I’m positive Ironclad will have another successful and engaging year.

-Jessica Echeverria