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Near the beginning of the school year when summer was still alive and kicking, Ironclad got to work on our homecoming float. During last year’s parade we flaunted a steamboat and a group of fashionably dressed team members in our steampunk rendition of a homecoming float – there was even an elephant. That year we were honored to claim the award for Most Creative Float. 

For this year’s homecoming parade, the overall theme was Hollywood Nights. So, in an effort to stick to the assigned theme we built a hamster wheel. 

fb_img_1474672747217Actually, it was a wheel painted red to emulate a red carpet and designed for our robot Talos to drive on. For the whole parade, Talos drove forward in the wheel and finely dressed students imitated the commentators you would see at an actual red carpet in Hollywood. Finally, when the time came to march, Ironclad enlisted two ‘paparazzi’, a group of die hard fans to stalk Talos, and an ‘agent’ to present Talos’s portfolio to the judges. We marched our float throughout the whole parade without a hiccup. As a result of our creative and hard workers on the team, we took home the prize winning award of Best Float at the parade this year!

– Jessica Echeverria