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In order to be successful in engineering, real world experience is an immense help. This is why I’m so thankful for my time at e2i over the summer. E2i is one of Ironclad’s earliest sponsors, and I was so fortunate to have earned the opportunity of interning there.


Being on the robotics team sparked my interest in electrical engineering, and so I jumped at the chance to learn more. Before starting the internship, I was a bit nervous going into such a professional environment having only minimal knowledge. As time went on, I became more and more comfortable with being there and I learned an incredible amount. I got to develop my interest for electrical engineering and I can say for a fact that I left knowing twice as much if not more as when I began.

While I was there, I got to experience helping to put together control panels, and in turn, learned valuable skills that I will use in my future career. One of the most significant elements of working on the panels is precision. The people whom I was shadowing would constantly be using tools to increase quality through precision before ever making a cut in the metal, or putting a part into place. There was never a time in which the workers there would cut corners or rush through their work.  I believe it conveys the importance of putting as much effort as possible into creating your work with quality.

Another important skill I picked up was communication and organization in a professional environment. Just by listening to what the workers say, the sense of efficiency and respect is evident. I felt as though I was witnessing a well-oiled machine in motion. All of the workers knew exactly how to handle problems and stay organized. In the workshop, the way that our instructors worked together to complete a common goal was an obvious key to their success. I got to practice these habits, and I know that my future career will be affected greatly by gaining the prior knowledge of how to act and communicate in the workplace.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the internship was getting the hands-on experience. I was taught about how to read schematics, encountered a bunch of new tools, and learned about the functions of the different sections of the control panels. By watching the workers, I learned useful strategies for troubleshooting and became more comfortable with piecing together the puzzle of how electrical systems really work. Along with being incredibly interesting, this is also very useful. I will be able to go farther in my goal to pursue my interests. Acquiring this knowledge and experience is an opportunity that I will be forever grateful for.

-Maggie Barclay