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Around the end of October, Ironclad sent a group of students to a generous company to tell them about robotics. The group contained current Awards captain John Austin, mechanical buff Nick Thiesen,  strategist Andrew Pranger,  and myself.  What started off as a pre-planned presentation quickly exploded into a passionate recounting of last season and a conversation about FIRST Robotics and what it’s done for our school, community, and team.  IOI Loders Croklaan heard us out and gave the team a considerable sum,  and now we proudly call them Platinum sponsors. However, the experience at IOI is one that, personally, I won’t forget. We were welcomed into a warm,  fashionably furbished building from the brisk cold. Before presenting,  we introduced ourselves and expanded on our positions on the team. Afterwards, we got to ask our own questions (thankfully, Mrs. Hampton prepared us for this). Unfortunately, studying engineering has only increased in difficulty. Fortunately for myself and other ladies, colleges eagerly accept women into their engineering programs. Since, in general engineering is a field dominated by men, many universities actively look for women to accept into their schools. Therefore, is important to not be intimidated and apply! IOI Loders Croklaan also talked to us about potential work opportunities outside of school and the importance of internships.

Most importantly, for those who do not know, IOI is a research and manufacturing company spread across three continents. They create the essential part of the delectable delights we eat nearly every day (for example, the white filling of an Oreo, the center of a Twinkie,  etc.). They conduct research constantly to find more efficient and environmentally safe methods of production. IRONCLAD is grateful for the opportunity to speak to the prestigious IOI Loders Croklaan and for the advice they so kindly imparted to us. Here’s to a successful sponsorship!

-Jessica Echeverría