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On October 29th, Ironclad attended BSA STEM Fest in Morris, Illinois at the Rainbow Council Scout Reservation. This was an event where kids ages from about 6-10 with their parents came and saw multiple demonstrations in STEM done by various groups, one of them being team Ironclad. We brought Talos and our two small robots (argobots) and they were real crowd pleasers! Kids got to drive and learn a little about the FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST in general. We also told parents about these programs, and we definitely got people interested! Most parents were asking us by when they left about opportunities for their children to join a team like this, one parent who was even interested in starting their own! Over the day, we had about 50 visitors total and all of which were very pleased with us! This event definitely helped us spread the FIRST message across a whole new community we hadn’t touched, and we were definitely welcomed. This is absolutely an awesome event to return to next year, and I already can’t wait.