Bradley’s 125th Birthday

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On August 19th, Ironclad manned a booth at the fair that was held in honor of Bradley’s 125th anniversary. We displayed and drove Athena, let kids drive the ArgoBots, demonstrated the circuit tiles and let people try to make their own circuits, and taught children how to stab a skewer through a balloon without popping it and how it worked. These activities attracted the attention of many adults and kids, and we were happy to answer any questions they had about our STEM-based activities and about our team. It was very entertaining and exciting to watch kids be amazed by how we could pierce a balloon without popping it or by Athena climbing and to watch them try to drive the ArgoBots along our figure-eight track. One kid was so amazed by Athena that he actually went home to bring his friends and show them how fascinating and cool robots were. Overall the event was very fun and a huge success.

– Drake Provost