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After one year of Ironclad I have improves and grown in a lot of areas. Specifically I have changes by being a harder worker. Before I did Ironclad I half hearted everything I did, but after that I realized that if I wanted to get things done all was going to have to work harder. And that change was made. I mean with that six week span from kickoff to bag day, you need to work hard to get it all done.  One awesome thing I have done with Ironclad was going to the competition. Don’t get me wrong I love the building and experience in that, but competition is a whole new thing that is just a blast. Ironclad is important in the community because of all the outreach we do, we help people and companies that help us and we help others that don’t. Well, since i have only experienced Power Up, I am going to go with Power Up. I would like Ironclad sponsors to know how hard working we are. Also with your help we will charge to victory!! Also if you are there for us, we will be there for you, all the time!! My favorite story with Ironclad was the Sleepy Hollow event at Perry Farm. When I was at Perry Farm I was part of the haunted maze at Sleepy Hollow. I was a Skeleton with a wooden baseball bat, the two don’t go together but when one charges at you I don’t think that is the first thing you will think of. I was there with Matthew and a few other guys. For the first few hours I was playing with everyone else. A few hours in Matthew, another guy, and I went off a ways and had a system set up. One distraction and two attackers. We did that for about 8 hours until it was over. That was one of if not the best event I attended (Not Including Competitions). So with all that I loves my first year of Ironclad and look forward to my next!!