What is Ironclad?

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What is Ironclad?


Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School’s (BBCHS) Robotics Team, Team Ironclad started to take shape in April 2014. The intended purpose of this program is to advance high school students’ skillsets in science, technology, engineering and math as well as art (STEAM). The team will contribute these skills and outstanding talents to further advance the successes of our community. With the community’s support, Team Ironclad, comprised of unique and diverse students harboring a passion for STEAM, will be able to compete successfully at competitions while gaining valuable experience and skills that will last a lifetime.

BBCHS Ironclad Robotics continues to excel in it’s second year of participation in For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST ® ) Robotics Competition (FRC ® ). During the 2015-2016 season, Ironclad qualified for the World Championships by winning the Rookie All-Star award. In our 2016-2017 season, Ironclad was successful in various aspects around the team. We ended the season as regional finalists at the Central Illinois and Midwest competitions, and qualified for the World Championship by a Wildcard produced at Central Illinois. At the Championship, we ended our season as 7th seed alliance captains on the Archimedes Division. Our 2017-2018 season saw new success, especially in our Safety efforts. Although we had previously won the UL Industrial Safety Award in 2017, we won the award at both of our 2018 regionals!

Ironclad 12868 was made up by eight freshman students, and two coaches: Edward Nowman, and Monica Johnson. In 12868’s first three meets, they were undefeated. In the qualifying tournament, they were the 2nd place alliance captains. On top of their peak robot performance, they also won first place Inspire Award. This award is the most prestigious award in FTC and it is unlikely for rookie teams to win. The Inspire Award is won by showing Gracious Professionalism, and embodies the qualities of FIRST the best. That award qualified the team to advance to state. At state, Ironclad was the 2nd place alliance captain. On top of that, we won all of the rookie awards at state. This year, some of the previous members are now mentoring this years new team. 12868 currently has a full 15 members and one new coach: Adina Forbes. 12868 is an amazing addition to the Ironclad family.

We are not just boilers, we are boilermakers. Through Ironclad, we empower BBCHS students with skills and confidence for them to be successful in their future careers. By demonstrating and understanding Gracious Professionalism ® and Coopertition ® , Ironclad members are able to develop the self e”STEAM” to innovate, design, and engineer solutions for today’s complex problems, to guarantee the dreams of tomorrow.